Ian Kings Thoughts On Hypertrophy; What Do You Guys Think?

On more than one occasion in his book “Get Buffed”, Ian King makes the following statement: " If you are simply attempting to create muscle breakdown as you may in hypertrophy training, the number of EXERCISES may be more important than the NUMBER OF SETS per exercise".

This is the first time I have read or heard of this principle! Since I am continually learning about this Iron Game we seem to all love, I would like hear you guys thoughts and elaborations on Ian’s statement. THANKS!

A good explanation is by example. Say you’re working shoulders and all you do is a barbell front shoulder press, you’d really be working your anterior and medial deltoids but you’d neglect your posterior deltoid. However, if you were to include some bent-over flyes or a seated row to the face then the posterior delts would come into play. Also, throw in some side raises and you’d again hit the medial head a little differently than the front press, because the biomechanics of the exercises are different. Then if you added…Can you now see how more exercises will fully exhaust a muscle? You might only do one set but you’d have 6 exercises. Speaking of Ian King, he has a routine that demonstrates this in Heavy Metal Issue #112 and what a coincidence, it’s a shoulder routine. Hope this helps big felluh.