Ian Kings Ab Training

I wanted a little variety in my ab training so I tried Ian King’s Thinking Man’s Guide to Ab Training routine from issue #123. Has anyone had any results from this routine? I haven’t felt or noticed anything yet. Usually the first time doing a new routine I at least am sore the next day, but after this routine – nothing.

Apparently nobody else has benefited from this routine either. Sounds like I should just move unto something else.

i tried the routine & liked it. i never DOMS from it, but while i was doing the seated twists, my entire midsection was on fire!!!

i havent achieved dramatic results, but that is probably because my diet isnt too great now.

the hardest part of the routine for me was actually isolating the lower abs. once i could recruit them, my abs got a lot better.

work on that first, then decide if the program is right for you. i made some personal modifications that i feel suit me better & id suggest doing the same.

by the way, i always have a hard time doing the twists because i cant lean back far enough to get the true training effect. what do you think about anchoring the feet under something?

good luck

Buster, I think you’re missing the point. KIng’s routine is not an “abs of steel”-type burnfest. If you want sore, have somebody punch you in the gut. The point of his system is to teach you to recruit the abs efficiently, which will have carryover to other exercises (as well as sports, real life, etc…). If you want better aesthetics, diet. If you wanna play grabass on the hammer curl machine and leg press, do the usual 3x10 set of crunches. However, if you wanna keep your back healthy and be able to get under a HEAVY bar, you need to learn how to put those abs to work. I say stick with it for several weeks and see if your squat or DL goes up, you should be pleasantly surprised.

Exercises like the Seated Cheek-Ab Squeezes don’t necessarily cause massive fatigue, but they will improve your coordination of muscle contracton in exercises like squats, deadlifts, jumping…hell, even fucking. The six-pack is only gonna come through diet.

Thanks for the input, I guess I’ll stick with it a while longer and see what happens. I’m already relatively lean, so I wasn’t using this routine to develop a six-pack, just to try something different. Karl I have to anchor my feet to do Russian twists too.