Ian King Leg Program Part 1

I usually do leg’s once a week. I like to start Ian King’s Leg Program. I was wondering how long of a rest period does he suggest before starting the next workout. I was looking all over for it in the article but was unable to find. He does say to at least give three full days for recovery in the Great Guns program. I would greatly appreciate if someone could let me know. Thanks,

On Ian King’s “limping” series you work legs two times per week. I am just finishing the program and this is how I did it… Worked legs on Sunday, upper body on Tuesday and Legs on Thursday. Quad dominant day was Sunday Ham/glutes on Thursday. I also took a full 9 days off after each 3 week phase. the strength and muscle gains have been greater than anything I’ve experienced in 9 years of training. Let me know if that helped.

Jake the Snake…typically Ian recommends a 4-day split, where 2 of the 4 training days are leg days (quad- and hip-dominant days). You would do the quad-dominant workout one day, and the hip-dominant workout on another training day (preferably 3 or so days later). However, this program could also be used in a split where legs are only trained once per cycle. You would do the quad- or hip-dominant workout in one cycle, and do the other in the following cycle, in an alternating fashion. This would simply draw out the duration of the program. I’m not sure if the latter would be less effective.

He recommends most people take a 1/2 week off every 3 weeks and a full week every 12 weeks. You just have to experiment and find out what’s right for you. Personally 4 days off every 6 weeks is enough for me.