I need a good one-day-a-week leg routine

I’m starting week 4 of “12 weeks to super strength” next week (so far, so good) but need a chance on legs. I’ve been doing basically heavy (for me) squats and deadlifts for a few weeks (2x 4 reps, then two backoff sets, for each), but I need something new. M. I’d do “limping”, but I really can’t work out more than 3x/week. I’ve thought of combining half of the the A and B limping workouts into one. I looked at “bulging biceps”, which I might try, though I don’t want to do all those shrugs on my leg day.

(Down the road, I’ll do limping and just one upper body/week, don’t worry).


Superset Back Squats, Hack Squats or Front Squats with Good Mornings, Deadlifts, or Stiff Leg Deadlifts. Use 5x5 method for each lift. Through in some high rep walking lunges and you’ll have blasted your legs and be out of the gym in less than 45-60 minutes.

That is if you can walk out of the gym on your own after that workout. Sounds like a killer leg workout, good luck.

You could put the programs together but if you’re not gifted with a large work capacity you’d probably have to cut down on volume. I’ve done the routines this way supersetting back and forth between hip dominant and quad dominant movements and it’s a great workout. The key is to cut the rest intervals down so you can still get in and out of the gym in an hour or so.

One thing I like to add to the end of my leg workout is either walking lunges or plates slides. That is if I can still do them without falling down.

If you want a “limping” combo, I may have just what the doc ordered. I just switched to the 3-day split this week because of hunting season. The following is the leg workout from Ian King’s 3-day split routine for Stage 1 (advanced option) of a twelve-week program. I don’t think Ian has put out this program before (except at a seminar). I’m giving you Stage 1 because that’s the stage I have memorized. I did this workout yesterday for the first time.

Do Ab tri-set first. Then calf tri-set: standing calf raise, 1x10-20, seated raise, 1x10-20, single leg toe hop (no heel contact), 1x20-80. Leg Super Set #1: Leg Curl (single leg) 1x12, one rep = down all the way, up halfway, back down, all the way up. Leg Extension (single leg), same rep scheme as Leg Curl, superset with no rest--do one leg, then the next. Leg Super Set #2: Stiff Leg Deadlift (single), 1x8, 313 tempo. Single Leg Squat (back foot on bench), 1x8, 313 tempo. Do both exercises for one leg, then repeat with other leg. Leg Super Set #3: King Deadlift (single), 1x max, 313. Single Leg Squat, 1x max, 313. Leg Super Set #4 Deadlift 1x6, 316 tempo. Back Squat or Leg Press, 1x6, 613 tempo. Warm-up sets needed for Leg Super Sets #1 and #2.

warm up, put however much wt. you can squat 10x’s on the bar, now do 20 reps, don’t matter how much time it takes or how manny breaths you take between reps JUST DO 20. now go do stiff deads the same way. the end. 2 work sets and your legs WILL GROW. but go use some complicated system and forget about what has workd for years and years and years, etc…