I am Lost in Powerlifting

Losing weight is one thing, but losing weight while getting stronger is not easy at all.

i have a coach

5 10

who tho

i have to speak with my coach to see when the peak starts

OK, 105kg sounds like the right weight class for you. Basically, in the long run you want to get as lean as possible without having to starve yourself so that it impacts your strength. For now, don’t cut below 105.

Have you discussed this with your coach?

this was my plan, cut to 225. compete at around 225 at the meet which doesnt really matter. then bulk from 225 to 233-235 with a high volume offseason program. Then maintain and train till june which is my next important meet which qualifies me for nationals that October.

Lel. Is this ur plan or your coaches. Or are you ur coach… who is coaching you… coaching you. YOU COACH YOUR COACH?

i have a coach for this meet prep, he does my programming and i cover nutrition and everything else

That’s a bad plan unless you don’t intend to do well in this meet. And if that’s the case then you would be better off not doing the meet and wasting time peaking when you could be getting leaner and stronger instead.

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so i should not compete and just train regularly?

also, i know i have the qualifying total in the bag so i feel like even if i under preform i can still qualify.

Tbh I think the Russians do this better than then Americans. Always building. Accumulation/Intensification repeat until there’s a meet then peak. Compete as few times as possible.

I think you got confused.

Guys are telling you not to change anything unless the meet is a qualifying meet or a training meet. They also told you to experiemnt with diet protocols with inconsequential meets. By the time you get to your major meet you should have your methods established.

the thing is it is a qualifying meet but i know i have the total. and yes by the time june rolls around i will have everything ready. This upcoming meet is just to see how the usapl is.

USAPL? Practice picking splinters out of your ass - LOL

haha, i bet i could lift to their competition standards.

ARSE BEYOND GRASS. You’ll squat calves to hammies then rack and look at the judge and they be like:

usapl rulebook “hip crease below ankle joint”

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