I am Jack's CONFUSING Flaxseeds...

as per netrition.com:

Seeds, flax, 1 tbsp 12.0 g;

Protein 2.340 g
Fiber 3.348 g
Total lipid (fat) 4.080 g
Carbohydrate 4.110 g

This means eating them whole is doing exactly what we should be avoiding. The seeds have equal amounts of C+F. And how many tablespoons of fresh seed do you need to crush to be able to extract 3 full mesure tblspoons of the oil, A DAY? Is this just the fattest contradiction ever or can anyone tell me summin else?

From what I’ve read, fiber is classified as a carbohydrate but is metabolically inactive. I’m betting that most of that 4 grams of cho is from fiber.

4.110-3.348g of fiber= ~1/2 gram of carbs.


Read the GNC flax seed part of this column. It answers some of your questions:

The previous two posters are right about subtracting the fiber from the carb count. On your other question, a good rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of seeds for 1 tablespoon of oil. Grind up 6 tablespoons to get your flax for the day.

Zulu’s correct.

Your body can not use digest fiber, so it goes straight in and straight out the toilet.

Plus fiber is very healthy for you, so flax seed are actualy a very smart addition to anyone’s diet.

Plus they have protein and 70-80% of the fat is omega-3.

Probably one of th best foods to supplement with.

Just please make sure to ground it into flax meal. Your body cannot effectively digest the whole seed, so keep in mind if you do eat the whole seed, you’ll probably get very few of it benefits.

I’d worry more about the ability for flax oil to reduce T levels than any of that.

TEK to the rescue, yet again!

DONT go by the nutritional information in the GNC article or on the GNC flaxseed container for that matter either. It’s wrong.