I am addicted to caffeine . . .

I have come to realize that diet cola OWNS me. I spend lots of money on it and drink an unbelievable amount of diet cola. Last night I drank a 12 pack. Has anyone ever tried to kick the habit? What are the effects of high caffeine use? Thanks

Caffeine may be the culprit, but the Nutra-Sweet might be the ingredient that has the stangle hold on you. You can find out which is the one very easily by stopping diet sodas and adding either caffeine or Aspartame to your diet.

You are an acidic body. HUH? This means that your body is running on nerviuos energy and calories. An alkaline body will produce upto 18x’s more energy than acidic bodies. You need to kick the cola habit. Coffee black is alkaline forming but with any form of sugar, sweetner or milk/cream it is now acidic. Protien is acidic, so are fats and sugars. Only fruits and veggies are alkiline forming. Try to cut out the soda’s and replace them with black coffee, decrease that and try to eat more veg (dark/bright colours, many varities at each meal). I use a greens+ drink once per day, and 2-3x in contest mode for the alkiline effect and energy. This will help you become alkiline in a month or so and the energy return will be so awsome, cola will not be required, or overly desired.

I’m going to cut diet cola and coffee 100%. Well se what happens. I never heard the acidic, alkiline theory before.

Hi Chris. There was a very interesting post a while back from a guy who was drinking two pots of coffee a day. The discussion of side effects was very informative, and I think you could do a search on the subject:coffee and bring it up. It would answer all your questions.

Bigkid, no disrespect, but that theory of acid/alkiline-forming bodies has been discredited for decades. The human body has an incredibly sophisticated mechanism for buffering pH balance internally. Drinking sodas or coffee doesn't cause any changes to the pH of the blood fluids, and the pH changes in the gut happen because of intake of either proteins, carbs, fats or simple sugars. Those changes,however, are TEMPORARY and do not affect the blood fluids. It takes an enormous and radical change to the diet to affect blood pH.