Hypnosis anyone?

Is anybody intrested in hypnosis? I was thinking of looking into self hypnosis to help me sleep better. Can anyone recommend a book or something? Cheers.

um, I don’t know how this relates, but Salvador Dali would hypnotize himself so he’d start dreaming, but he’d still be conscious. Then he’d start painting & that’s how he got such crazy ideas. he said ‘I don’t do drugs, I am drugs’. He read lots of Sigmund Freud’s stuff, I can’t recommend anything though I haven’t read any of it myself.

I recommend reading Hypnosis For Change by Hadley and Staudacher ($7 on Amazon). It has hypnotic scripts in it you can use to make tapes. I also recommend taking a workshop. You can get info from ASCH (American Society for Clinical Hypnosis).

I read this one book and it changed my life. It was called “Wack off and go to sleep”. it really fixed all my problems and i now sleep like a baby.