Hypertrophy: TUT vs. % of 1RM

Most of what i’ve read says that you have to lift within 70-80% of your 1RM for hypertrophy. however, if i go by the TUT rule of getting 40-70 seconds per set (say i pick 10 reps at a tempo of 402 = 60 seconds), then i have to lift between 60-65% of 1RM for hypertrophy.

which is better–TUT or % of 1RM?

For me, %1RM… but my periodization
includes dropping down to 60% 1RM and
then going up from there, so some of the
time I’m in the TUT range you mention.

Actually, with 4 second negatives, 1 or
2 second positives, and sometimes 1 or
2 second holds as well, it may take only
5-8 reps to reach the 40 second mark.

For the most part I’d say my most productive
training is in the 4-7 rep range, personally.
That often will be well below 40 seconds

E.g., could be 25 seconds, if 5 reps at 5 seconds total per rep.