What the heck is this stuff? It’s not in any of the search hits, but Tim says it’s a Biotest priority (among other) right now.

That’s because today is the first day the name has been mentioned. But Tim has been talking about a new Methoxy-7 for a while now; TC has mentioned too. That’s what Hydroxy-7 is.

It’s the next generation
of Methoxy-7 which improves efficiency, and
cost efficiency, remarkably. All the development work is completed so it should be here soon.

If Hydroxy-7 is the next generation methoxy supplement, then i supposed you guys will eventually discontinue the original formula?

will the dosage be enough so that we won’t need to take flax seed oil either while taking this product or is delivery the sole purpose for the flax oil?

Hmmm… I am not sure because that part of
the formulation – how much flax oil to use –
I didn’t do, but if I’m not wrong you’d be getting only 2 grams of flax oil per day or
so from Hydroxy-7. So compared to not using
flax oil at all it’s a nice improvement, but
it’s not enough to replace flax oil supplementation.

Also, BTW, fish oils high in DPA/EHA seem a better way to go than flax in any case. But
there is no way we could have used fish oils
with Hydroxy-7… would have given an off-taste.

Hydroxy-7 will replace Methoxy-7. I don’t know
of any advantages of Methoxy-7 vs the new
product, except perhaps the cholesterol (ironically enough.) So you may need to go
back to eating eggs to get your 500% of the
RDA of cholesterol! :slight_smile: