Hurt Shoulders Sparring

okay here is my problem and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to correct it.

some 6 months or so ago i hurt both of my shoulders sparring(boxing) on 2 different occasions. my left shoulder feels completely fine and i only experience occasional clicking/popping with no pain whatsoever…my left side also has barely visble amount of xtra hypertrophy than my right side forearmwise and shoulderwise (my left arm is bigger than my right and more noticable vascularity)…

my right side is a different story. if i do a whole lot of dips, or do high reps of any style bench i get a dull pain in my right shoulder. it doesnt really hurt but i notice the tightness. i also sometimes while playing ball if i move my arm too fast (say reaching for ball to make a rebound or trying to steal) i sometimes will get an audible snap/pop with an extreme amount of pain afterwards…like my shoulder joint gets caught in the middle of my motion or something. then for a week or so later its extremely sore…
and i cant lift or do to much with my right arm at all for that period of time…

anybody have anyclue what i should do or can do? could i have a weak rotator or torn rotator or something…im stumped and the injury keeps reoccurring on that side but my left side is fine now… it sucks becuz i just began to make some gains i’d hate to just stop period…

As I think you know you need to rest the shoulder for about 4/6 weeks, but at your age I know that is going to be very hard to do, so why not just try three weeks with full rest and work your legs.

Or do quite a lot of warm ups.

Buy a cheap ultrasound machine from eBay, but do not use for longer than four minutes on the injured part.

How about you go to a doctor…you know, one of those guys who went to school for a long ass time for this sort of thing?

look around on this site for some shoulder rehab exercices with bands…etc etc…and give up doing one of those things for a while…not all of them

[quote]travis8798 wrote:
How about you go to a doctor…you know, one of those guys who went to school for a long ass time for this sort of thing?[/quote]

im scarred they are just going to tell me not to move the shoulder period for a month or 2 and i just will end up with another doctors bill.

i bowl, play ball, and lift but bowling is the only thing that doesnt agrivate my shoulder for some reason…so i guess im only going to be able to bowl if even that for along time again…

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Probably will find some exercises that will help.