Human Growth Hormone

I’m pretty sure most of you guys have heard about some of the amazing effects hGH has on some people. Many people have taken advantage of this by selling GH releasers to offset the cost of the injectables you get with a prescription. I also know a lot of these companies that sell these GH releasers claim it produces more GH than the injections and also doesn’t give your body a “crash” on GH levels once you stop injecting it. I’m wondering if any of you guys can validate if these claims are true? If so, what in your opinion is the best GH releaser on the market now and why? If any of you guys have used any GH releasers, what have been your experiences with them? Furthermore, I would imagine that if I ever supplemented with a GH releaser, would having such high levels of GH in my system (as the companies so claim) have any bad side effects? And lastly, if I elevated my pituitary gland’s production of GH, then technically, wouldn’t the time it takes to produce the extra GH take away from time it’s supposed to release other important chemicals? Would stimulating the pituitary gland to produce GH anotherwords, make your gland produce less of other things or would the extra GH your body produces from such supplements take away energy from other important parts of the body that might need it? Thanks.

Joe: As you may have noticed,these “Somatotropes” are some of the most expensive supplements on the market, and in many peoples opinion, not worth the cost. The problem is basically this: okay…this substance elevates GH 200 or 300 % above some arbitrary baseline; but what does that translate into in terms of net effect? A significant increase in muscle mass? Increased fat loss? None have shown (and maybe JB or Bill can confirm) via controlled studies that this increase was significant enough (and this is important)SUSTAINED LONG ENOUGH to make a difference significantly better than than what we would see from a)adequate protein intake and b) PUSHING THE IRON! (both of which stimulate GH release).

Substances released from the pituitary come from different areas (anterior,intermediate and posterior) AND are secreted by different cells. In addition, Pituitary feedback is "connected" to specific "end organs". So, IN GENERAL, increasing GH release will not significantly affect ADVERSELY the secretion of other pituitary releasing hormones.

Bottom Line? 1)Eat adequate protein and of a great enough variety to stimlate NATURALLY GH release. 2) Push the iron for the same reason. 3) Your money is better spent on food and other supplements other than the "Somatotropes".