How much does a legit steroid test cost?

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knew how much an effective steroid test cost?

An eight week cycle of Test Enanthate dosed at 1000mg/week costs about $150-$180. Maybe a little more, if you are buying from the local knucklehead in the gym peddling the stuff.

JRR, i think the guy wants to know how much an actual test costs to find steroids in one’s body. Your $150 quote for 1g/week is outrageous. You must have some real good connections or get your stuff straight from Mexico.

Yes, thats correct I am looking for the price of the actual test ran to find juice inside ones system? also which method is more effective BLOOD or URINE?

Actually, you can get 25 grams of Ara-test for $450. That would make Brock’s Gramabol cycle cost about $225, if you used 2.5 grams in week one, then 1 gram a week for nine weeks after that.

Why do you want to pay for a test to see if you have steroids in your system? If you’ve used, you ought to already know that; or if you’re wondering if your stuff was legit,
that’s a poor way to tell. For example, it
would not reveal whether your stuff was underdosed.

None of the sports testing groups do blood
tests since this is considered an invasion
of privacy.

At one time, Dr Rick Cohen of Medlean was
offering urine tests for anabolic steroids,
but I am not sure if he still is. The price
was probably somewhere around or over $200.
Virtually no one does this so basically
I did not pay much attention to the price.

I heard that in the US, around $280 a test. I’m in Australia, and I got a free one at the local Uni. But they only checked epi:test ratio and nandrolone. Seems they don’t mind having a bit of extra urine around to experiment on.

Scott…yep, the price was an excellent one. I went back and double checked the vials/mg/ml and the total cost was 160.00 for 8 weeks. The price has gone up since I bought last November, I don’t know how much. My source is the best, or one of.

Ben, are you talking about getting 25g of Aratest straight from Mexico for only $225?? That’s seriously ridiculous. Next time I either need to find a better source or go to Mexico.

Just to clarify a point Bill made earlier; the world wide governing body for cycle racing (UCI) do test blood samples from riders. This was initially instigated with the aim of checking for artificially high hematocrit levels (ie over 50%) which may have been due to administering EPO. Since then French researchers claim to have fully developed a blood test for EPO itself, and this has just been introduced, with riders being tested at races.