How Does this Diet Sound?

I recently asked CT a question about doing the GSD. I also told him that I was currently on my 5th week of the super hero program.

He clearly stated that it was a bad idea due to the very low cals. And that chances for muscle loss is great.

I decided to reevaluate and decided that I am not going to start the GSD for now. I really want to finish the Superhero program, since I am seeing great result and is fun to do.

Soo I made up the following diet for fat loss.

2400 cals per day diet…
Since I am 200lbs and 10% bf( 180LBM)

I am doing about 1 -1.5 gram of protien x LBM ( about 240 g per day)
50 g of carbs ( mostly greens)
122g fat

One serving of Superfood

1)2 HOT-ROX.3 whole eggs, 2 oz sliced turkey, 2 eggs white and spinach…4g of fish oil

2)40 g of protien(Metabolic Drive)

  1. 6 oz of beef or chicken with vegis 4g fish oil

4)40 g of protien(Metabolic Drive)

5)2 HOT-ROX, 6 oz of beef or chicken with vegis 4g fish oil

6)40 g of protien(Metabolic Drive)( before bed)

I do wieghts an hour and half after breakfast. I do 30 lite cardio after dinner.

Ant suggestions…