Hot ladies

Just read the Atomic Dog on the long hot summer. You nailed that one TC. I have just got back from Central London, the sun was out, about 30 degress and scantily cad ladies roamed the street as if to taunt me with their perfect figures. Everywhere I turned, 100s, no 1000s of ladies, tantalisingly gorgeous, and I was helpless.What was i to do, act on impulse and try to score, or just try to stop the voices in my head? lets say i went up to one of the heavenly beauties, what would i have said. “Hi there sweet cheeks, just clocked your pert ass back there, any way you i could interest you in a shag?” This whole thing probably sounds wet, but let me assure you, there was no way to beat it. And in the scenario above, would i have approached every one of them? i don’t think so, there were just too many. Don’t get me wrong, i reckon i meet all the T-man standards set by this site, but guys we need a strategy. Any thoughts? i need something fast. and my gym provides no solice either. thonged beauties roam freely there also, helped i’m swamped.

man, do I ever feel bad for you…must have a rough life with all of those lithe young females strutting around. My advice - enjoy it while it lasts, as the weather in England is about as charming as Prince Charles!