Honey As Sugar PWO?

Surge is convenient and great-tasting, but it's expensive. I wasn't able to find small quantities of maltodextrin for sale relatively cheap, so I make up my own PWO.

For PWO shake I use one of juice (or milk/kefir/yogurt/water) and whey + 1/2 energy bar (if not using juice). How good would honey be in a shake (to eliminate the bar/juice)? I love the taste of honey but don’t eat it very rarely.

Typical honey analysis[15]

* Fructose: 38%
* Glucose: 31%
* Sucrose: 1%
* Water: 17%
* Other sugars: 9% (maltose, melezitose)
* Ash: 0.17%

How good is fructose/glucose PWO? I’m not looking for optimum - 80% of optimum (given convenience and taste) is good enough.

I put honey in my vanilla based shakes. It does taste very good and natural honey has some pretty sweet health benefits.

The High load of fructose aint doing you any favors in what you trying ton accomplish. It has to slowly be processed by the liver prior to having a chance to reach the muscles