Labs in November showed high HCY. I started taking 15mg per day of L-Methylfolate which is supposed to bring that down. Labs were done again last week and HCY levels were the same as in November. Other than a high RBC, this was my only abnormal result. Anyone have experience in getting their HCY levels down?

You should check for B12 or folic acid deficiency, as well as investigate the cause of it. If any deficiency is ruled out, you may check for MTHFR gene malabsorbtion. That said, homocysteine is one of the most unspecific labs there is. Always affected secondary to something else, but not necessarily that important. In your case B12 deficiency should be ruled out to begin with. How are you feeling?

I feel completely normal. Actually, I feel pretty damn good. My B12 was tested and is the normal range. But for the lab result, I would have no idea my HCY is high. Given zero symptoms, I’m wondering how important it really is.

Take trimethylgycine also called betaine anhydrous. Superior homocysteine lowering plus additional benefit of liver protection. Go on pubmed and search trimethylglycine and liver. I’ve been using almost 20 years. All these longevity quacks are razing about it like they just discovered it.

You may have the TMR or TMRR mutation, methylated vitamins may help, but you will need to add TMG (trimethylglycine). If your body can’t break down the homocysteine, the TMG will give your body the missing pieces to do so.

This place is the best. I asked my doc if I had any other options. He said: “eat more fruits and vegetables”. Thanks, doc. Tremendous advice…

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Fine advice from others here. How high is your HCY level? Do you really need to focus on this detail? HCY increases normally with age. As far as my knowledge, it won’t matter if you lower the HCY in terms of risk reduction re other illness. The exception to this - is if you have elevated homocystein in urine, which should be investigated further.

13.6 (reference is 12 or below) so not super high. None in urine.

ymol/L? In that case the normal ranges differ depending on the lab (reference) in question. Many consider the normal range being less than 15 in ages 15-65 y.o. Please also consider the normal distribution range over this value.

In other words, you most likely have a normal value that does not need to be corrected.

Health anxiety is very common, but takes unnecessary energy better spent on your gym goals instead.

Looks like I may really have a normal finding

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Congrats, I guess. But there is no actual linkage between lowering homocysteine and lowered cardiac events. My cardiologist doesn’t even bother testing for it now since it provides such little clinical value.