Holy Shit!

A plane just went down right near me!!! Shit, Newport ave. and around B.129th street. I was there less than 10 minutes before it happened. There’s residential houses over there. My cousin lives on 134th street. Shit.

Best wishes to you and those around you. I’m sure that sentiment echoes the thoughts of everyone here.

I just saw it on the news - I hope that this was just an accident and not more terroists. Either way it fucking sucks. Hope your cousin is okay. My prayers go out to all involved.

Glad to hear you’re OK Edge. It appears that this may have been a horrific accident at this time but I am sure that is little consolation to those whose lives have been shattered. I hope the rest of your family is safe.

Hey guys, I just got in from the chaos all day. Thanks for the good words. Everyone is alright in the family.