HIT for Football

I need help for experts on the board:

Is HIT type training good for football?
Would Powerlifting/explosive training be better?

Q: “Would Powerlifting/explosive training be better?”

A: Yes.

If you really want some help, give us more info about yourself and your goals.

Look at what Silverback posted on the powerlifting pendulum post. I think it would help you out.

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On first glance I wasn’t going to comment on this post because it is in fact a subjective question.

I find myself in the unusual position of actually appearing to defend HIT-based training. While I am not a advocate of a HIT-system, many HIT-based teams use many of my Renegade protocols within there total program and I feel I have a unique vantage-point. In many regards there concept of training goals is closer to other’s of actually working to improve field performance and not weight room tests.

While many will point to the poor performance of Penn State programs of recent - you don’t hear a great deal of the victories before or of other top-notch HIT programs that constantly win, such as Michigan State. Equally so, I havn’t heard much commentary of the extraordinary turnaround success of Cincinnati Bengals, whose weight room is led with extraordinary work of Chip Morton.

Now before you think that I am raising the HIT flag - guess again, I certainly have my own philosophy of training. Please understand why I draw this to your attention. You need to understand the full picture and not be confused with your goals of improving performance on the field and not simply testing-day accomplishments. Your training needs to reflect that pure and simple and address the full needs of being a better player.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I think the success of those teams is more due to the fact that success in football is multifactoral. We would all like to think that weight training has a direct correlation with success in football but we know it doesnt. It can help but its not cause and effect.

Cincinatti should be good. They pick first every single friggin year.