Hey T-men

I know that lots of you have tried the Fat Fast, now can I get come feedback from you guys. Seems my first post got buried on the back pages and didn’t get a lot of repsonse.I have read all the articles and now want some feedback on what worked and didn’t work. Especially how I can conserve my mucscle mass as I can’t afford to get Androsol or Norandorsol up here in the Great White North. Thanks guys.

If you can’t get Androsol or Nandrosol I wouldn’t reccomend you do the fat fast (unless you want to lose muscle). Try the T-Dawg Diet

Thanks JB, that is what I am using now with great results, I was hoping to maybe try to boost the fat loss some for a 3 week period. I am losing fat and gaining some strength on the T-dawg diet. I presently don’t do any cardio would adding a couple of days maybe melt off a little extra fat? I know that there are mixed opinions with doing cardio. What have you T-men experienced

For what it’s worth, before I switched to the T-Dawg for dieting, I previously did about 4 recumbent biking sessions for 45 minutes a pop/week and ate a lot of vegetables for carbs, the reults were as good for fat-loss, but it did take more effort than simply T-dieting, skipping cardio, and sleeping in.