Help with macro suggestions


I’m wondering if anyone might help me with a better suggestion of my macros or kcal intake.

My daily intake is 1850 kcal, around 1100 under my maintance, witch is figured out to me roughly 2912 kcal (start weight 224lbs, 36 days ago)

My currently weight is 99kg (218lbs).
Height 178 cm, and 34 y old. Bf i dont know.
Im running 300 mg test-e weekly, and beside that i just use 40mg dexamfetamin due to my adhd. So i have lots of energy 24/7.

My macros is 120 c / 250 p / 41 f.

My weekly activity is 13.5 km bike ride outdoors daily, and 8-10km walks. Depending on my schedule for today.

And weight lifting 5 days a week with roughly 130-145 pulse.

Im aiming for 88-90 kg body weight.

Ps if anyone know a very good workout plan for mass building i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Are you assisted or on trt? This will make a little bit of a difference.
First impression is your calories are to low. 1000 calorie deficit plus all that cardio and training?
You’re looking to lose weight yet you want a mass building weight training program?

First just want to loose the weight. And when i hit my goal. I will start on a new training program, atleast that my plan. I do have some high blood pressure that im ive been struggeling with for years. And since i started to drop weight my bp have gone down by alot. My doc had me on 3 dif types including water pill. Forgot to say im currently not using any bp medication now after my weight loss.

Im on assisted since you asked.

If your currently losing weight and you feel good daily and while you train then keep doing what your doing for now.
The one issue I see is that if you plateau on weight loss you really don’t have anywhere to go calorie wise. If you drop calories you will most likely need to drop some cardio and /or training.

I’m not sure if I’m reading this correctly. Are you unassisted or on assistance?
If unassisted I think your macro distribution is fine. If you are assisted your protein can come down a bit and your carbs can come up equally.
As far as the training program goes for when you start to gain Im 4 weeks into the John meadows reactive pump hypertephy program and love it! It’s pretty challenging and your cals will def have to come up a bit. I’m just coming out of a diet phase and slowly bringing cals up to begin growing and this plan is making me want to eat!

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Thanks alot thats the respons i was looking for. Sorry for being unclear about my answer. Im unassisted.

My energy level is good and im still making progress at the gym weight wise. Im gonna look into the program you suggested!

Your macros look fine.

Phraks Greyskull LP if you’re not in the 1000lb club.

DoggCrapp if you’re in the 1000lb club but have never run a failure based system before.

Trained By Jordan Peters if you’ve already run a failure based system.

Fortitude if youre in the 1000lb club but have joint issues.

Take pictures and waist measurements every 2 weeks, track weight daily (first thing in the morning right after taking a piss). If there’s positive change in any of the three, you’re doing fine.


Not a coach, nor a bodybuilder so take my post with a grain of salt.

The TL;DR version:

  1. IIFYM with a slant towards high protein is an easy to manage and maintain strategy.

  2. Fat loss is best optimized via cross training with weights and cardio in addition to calorie management. Your goal for weight training should be to maintain as much strength and muscle as possible while dieting down. Recomp is a big buzzword but damn near a unicorn without chemical help.

  3. When you’re ready to get back to growing, a combination of frequency and volume is best. Push/pull and push/pull/leg splits work very well.


The leanest I’ve ever been was long ago, while wrestling. Sub 10%.

I ate whatever I wanted, including junk food, but prioritized protein and managed total calories. Years later, IIFYM became a trend. It works. It will always come down to calories in vs. calories out until you really want to eke out a super lean status and need a bag of tricks. I did manipulate salt and carb intake for steep cuts leading up to a tournament weigh-in, but not for ongoing maintenance. I sincerely believe elaborate, hormone manipulation diets are tricker than necessary to manage for people who just want to walk around looking like they lift, so long as protein intake is on point.

Wrestling is the most physically intense thing I’ve ever done. It combined strength, explosiveness and endurance at the same time. Training was a more intense version of Christian’s “Fire, ready, strong” program, outlined on this site. Everyone had defined six packs, striated shoulders and a chin up back. Look in to that program once you dial in your calories/macros.

Then just have the balls to see it all through. Weight loss while lifting to maintain is hard.

Heresy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


50% carbs , 25-30% protein and 25-20% fats for general body muscle maintainence.Unless you are going for photoshoot or comp ,no reason for changing this basic macros.Also eat more healthy and wholefood like fruits,veggy fish etc etc

I dont know why, but im getting constipation(or very very slow digestion) every day. And im very sure i get enough fiber. I do track every single meal and i keep alot of greens to almost every meal. And i do not want to get into using laxatives even though i have some at hand. Is it because i have a so large deficit? Or is it just my new daily life because i eat way less than before? I might go to the toilet once a week. Any tips?

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Psyllium husk helps (Metamucil)


Too much fiber can have a negative effect on gut motility.

Your protein intake may be too high for your system when you take into account your low-fat intake.

Are you staying hydrated?

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yeah im hydrated. Think i consume about 3.5-4L, since my body temp is quite high due to my attentin(amfetamin) for my adhd. I can try to adjust my protein abit lower ofc.
I also do consume electrolytes upon waking up and during training.

If you have a suggestion to a macro balance it would be much appreciated.

Is constipation a possible side effect of attentin?

I should also be clearer, “bulking” fiber may be an issue. You can try a fiber that is meant to get things moving like Bran or as mentioned Psyllium husk. It is more of a bulking fiber but, the gel-like consistency it takes can help with transit.

As for macros that is too individual. Whether you take some calories from carbs or protein to add to fat will depend on what you feel best on.

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Okey i will try to adjust for a week and see how it goes. Might just lower protein and add some more on fat.

When it comes to attentine, i have never experienced constipation while using it. But when i used furix(duretics due to high blood pressure) i always ended up with severe constipation if my water intake wasnt on spot.

your body need adjustment to new diet or training and schedule.The general rules is 21 days for adjustment in habits and routine.Unless its unbearable,then change something again after 21 day.

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Drink 8oz water before and after every meal.
Go for walks. Frequently.
Coffee tends to work wonders for this as well.

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Psyllium husk isn’t talked about enough these days.

It should be in every lifters arsenal IMO.

In a deficit when people are getting most of their calories from protein it’s nigh on essential, and you get the added benefit of it making you feel a bit fuller, AND the requirement of drinking a lot of water with it can only be another bonus

Psyllium husk for world leader I say.


Whats the recommended starting dosage for Psyllium husk? My package recommend 1.5 tbs mix with 500ml. But i dont know really :s