Help with macro suggestions

I take 8g (2) times per day and all runs great!!!
Maybe start with 8g total for the day and see how you do.

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I’d start with whatever it says and titrate up or down. You really only need 2 or 3 days at a dose to know it’s doing what you want.

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It’s usually advised to start quite low (which is usually the dosage on the packaging anyway). 2-3g twice a day, or 5g in the evening is what I’ve always began with if I haven’t taken it for a while and then based on results will add a little more over the course of a few weeks. No need to rush the process.

Just don’t add a ton thinking that more = better. It’s about getting your digestive system moving smoothly and too much could end up having the opposite effect - especially if you don’t build up slowly! If you get some extra gas or bloating the first few days you may have taken a little bit too much to start with or it’s likely your microbiome and everything else is adjusting so don’t panic.


Hi, i got a new question. Im not able to find any good answers regarding this. But how do i messure my bodyfat in a way that will be most accurat? Im getting leaner though my scale is now around 96.5kg give or take.

In the morning i feel most vascular. But i guess that pretty normal?

Posting a pic of my progress so far.

Dexa scans and hydrostatic testing. Most of us never really need to know the number though. If you’re liking the look, that’s all the data you really need.


Thanks. I willl considering it once i reach my goal and then some. :ok_hand:

Nice progress!
So what were the changed you made. Def looks life you’ve gotten a bit leaner.

I never shoot for a number. I just shoot for a certain “look”. Once i find that i’m done. I think once your at a low bodyfat the numbers will drive you crazy and chasing them could put you in a less than healthy state.

Guess your right, it could lead to an unhealthy obsession. I will just stick to what i see and feel instead of measuring. Thanks!

So what changes have you made?

Not sure what changes you think of. But regarding my meals I’ve been trying to split my macros even between my 4 meals + 2 additional snack meals (could be a tiny portion of greens with some Greek yogurth or so, along with some protein powder/eggwhites.)

My biggest mistake that occure daily is that I crave food at night. And I’ve been doing that for years. It’s a really bad habit and downfall for me. So I try to keep some sweet potato freshly cut in the fridge for when the night comes. But I’m trying my best to save a tiny portion of my macros for when the night comes considering that issue…

I do keep my focus up on healthy food choices and I do think I keep it fairly clean. Often I do look up some treats or meal options at the forum. Chris seems to have a lot of good alternatives for any ocation.

When it comes to my training I keep it to 5 days a week with daily walks and my bicycle rides from 13.8km to 27.6km.

I’ve been upping my kcal intake to 2300 and currently splitting my macro 40/40/20.
I don’t eat nor drink anything with added sugare.

It seems to work very good for me at this stage.

Sorry for my English if its any wrong spelling. I’m Norwegian so it’s not my native language