Help with Low HGH and IGF-1 Blood Results

I recently had blood work done and my
Human growth hormone level looks very low,
0.11ng/dL there is no reference,

IGF 1 180ng/dL reference 80- 530

If anyone has any knowledge with this please let me know what you think


How old are you? When I got my IGF-1 tested the range was something like 80-280. I think it goes higher the younger you are.

Are you using an AI? Data exists to show that AI use lowers IGF-1 levels.

Mine was at 120 FWIW. Using MK now to bring it up, but need a blood test to confirm.

I’m 28

What was the hgh level range?

I think my igf 1 isn’t to bad at 180,
I’m more concerned about the hgh level,

I haven’t had GH tested. From what I understand it is a bit complicated to test, but I really don’t know a ton on it. I thought that they had to take a bunch of measurements to get an accurate reading of GH?

Most people just go off of IGF-1, IME. If IGF-1 is good then GH is assumed to be good. I am not an expert on this for full disclosure (mix of bro science and a few research papers).

Maybe @studhammer can help out. He has experience with HGH, and probably knows more about the labs.

Ok thanks for the input buddy

IGF-1 range of 80-530 is for a pubescent teenager. A male in your age range is 98-232 ng/ml according to lab corp. You are fine, right in the middle. Peptides such as sermorelin and imaporelin (spelling prob wrong on both) can increase your levels. They are pricey through a doc though and were not very effective for me personally.

Ok I have a load of hgh that I brought for me and my wife, but I haven’t used it and left it for her,
But I’m now considering getting on it,
Possibly 3iu per day,
Money is not the issue as I have really good contacts for these things,

But I’m a bit worried about long term complications like diabetes,
What do you think ?

One of the main reasons I’m considering this is because Iv been reading a lot about how testosterone alone lowers collagen synthesis by upto 80percent, I was on primobolan very low dose wich increases collagen synthesis by upto 180 percent but it was giving me alot of spots, so I’m looking for something to replace the primobolan effects with out the spots from high dht,
Also I have suffered from gut health problems in the past so collagen synthesis is very important to me as this really helps protect the guts tissue,

I found some really good studies where they found hgh therapy to have many positive affects on gut health, in people with ibs and ulcerative colitis

In very high doses it can indeed lower collagen synthesis. Are you concerned about this while cycling or on TRT? If you have a reasonable TRT dose I don’t see that as an issue.

My TRT dose is 250mg per week and my cycle dose is around 500mg,

I’m concerned with my TRT mostly as I have to be super careful to keep my gut health in check,
Very clean diet, glutamine, no over training and a lot more,

Do you think the hgh at 3iu per day long term is risky ?

I would be taking it at 7am and not eating for 3 hours, and would possibly have low carb that first meal at 10am

That’s a pretty high TRT dose. For reference take about half that. What do your labs look like on that dose? I don’t know enough about HGH regimens to comment so I would only be speculating. I will defer to others who have more experience in that matter.

My total T is 1600 with free T of 42 and my E2 is 100 with no AI and I have no side effects

I didn’t feel symptom relief until I got upto 250mg per week

@j.lee, you might want to take a look at my post on HGH

Getting tested for GHG is a simple blood test with the one parameter. Here is a lab test result I got from 4 iu. Test was taken 4 hours after injection.

Maybe I was confused on GH measurement due to a study I read on MK-677 and the IGF-1 and GH testing. They were drawing blood samples every hour and plotting them out. Maybe for the study they wanted the most accuracy, and used an average to rule out low and high readings due to measurement or natural body fluctuations? IGF-1 was just a single data point though, which is why I thought GH was more complicated.

Not really sure. For me, I was looking to verify the potency of my GH and to see what kind of change in blood levels it brought on.

It looks like it is just a simple reading. I was mistaken because of a study I read in which they took lots of those tests. I know growth hormone fluctuates based on if you are sleeping, awake and such. I think the study just wanted to capture the whole picture of what the MK did to GH. They just did not do that with the IGF-1, so I figured it was more complicated than it is.

Hi studhammer I just read your post about HGH,
Very good to read,

Do you get low blood sugar even when taking it before bed ?

If you don’t take metformin

No AI taken buddy

I’ll throw in here, I was worried about HGH side effects since most of my family is pre-diabetic or diabetic, so I went with a Tesamorelin 1mg / Ipamorelin 500mcg blend, since it doesn’t have the side effects GH does. IGF-1 went from 138 → 305 after 4 weeks, finishing my 12th week now. The only sides I notice are water retention & slight carpel tunnel in my wrists. If you’re worried about GH, I would recommend this route. No blood sugar issues at all.

Iv never heard of this,
Is this something that can be run long term it only cycles ?

I was told to do 12 weeks at a time, then 4 weeks off