help for a tall guy...

HELP! I’m a 6’7"/ 275 lb/ 35 yr old (around 30% Bodyfat)male looking to get huge…Do I get cut first (lower my BF %) then build or build up first, then cut? What should be my Prot./Carb./Fat % & total cals per day? What type of workout should I do (Exer./Sets/Reps??)? Any cardio (when I do I seem to lose bulk)?..My arms & legs are long & thin, and I have been an ectormorph most of my life…I’ve tried lots of routines from magazines, but haven’t had the success I’d like ( I’m wondering if there’s a special trick for tall & oversize guys like me).Any help is greatly appreciated in advance…Thanks to all!

Rai, jeez dude! how the hell did you end up having 30% bodyfat in the first place!? If you’re really that high, you need to start a serious t-dawg style diet now!!! I hardly know where to start! Yes you do need to take your bodyfat down first. In case you haven’t figured this out yet, do not expect to be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. There are very few circumstances where losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously are possible…
So, here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna cycle your two goals… First, read “the fat fast experiment” in one of the most recent issues of t-mag. Follow that diet (it’s gonna be tough) to lose the first 30 lbs or so of fat. Then switch gears and start the Anabolic Diet by Dr. Mauro Dipasquale. You can read about it in t-mag, the article is called “Eat Like a Man.” After your start up phase, take two or three more months on the cutting phase of this diet and lose some more fat. Then take a couple months on the mass phase and try and gain some muscle. Then switch again. Keep going back and forth until you get where you want to be. It may take a long time, even a few years, but it will be well worth it.

As for training Rai, stick with Ian King programs. If you haven’t already, pick up his book, “Get Buffed.” You can get it in the Biotest online store. His great guns program would probably appropriate for you since you’re an ectomorph with skinny arms. After doing a couple of his twelve week programs and reading the book, you’re sure to be able to start writing your own workouts. They don’t even have to be anything too fancy, just make sure they maintain optimal volume (probably about 10 work sets per workout for you) and follow one of the periodization models outlined in the book. Don’t be afraid of cardio either… If you follow the diet plan I outlined before, lift weights four times a week, do cardio for 20-30 minutes twice a week, I PROMISE you’ll see some huge results. It’s gonna take a serious commitment on your part, but you’ll be a better person for it and you’ll love the effect it has on your general outlook towards life.

I think the fat fast experiment was just plain crazy. Check the back issues of T-mag and obtain a copy of Poliquin’s German Body Comp training. Start the program while doing the cutting phase of the anabolic diet.(also in t-mag) While your doing this use a good fat burner like Lipokinetix or MD-6. Once you’ve cut down to 10% body fat put a new post on the board and we’ll help you get huge.

Allow yourself to gradually work yourself back into condition. This means just start doing some kind’ve basic routine, no matter what it is. At the same time learn all you can about diet and nutrition. There’s no need to do a complete 180 and starve yourself…just eliminate the junk: soda, fried foods, candy, etc…If you do this and train moderately hard as well you’ll start to put on some muscle and your bodyfat % will begin to come down. Once you get your bodyfat down around 10-15% chances are you’ll have to do something a little more radical, like the T-dawg diet in order to cut up even more.

I know the other guys who responded meant well. They all have some great ideas. But, I sense from your letter, you want more specifics. Ok, here goes… I had a client who went from 345 at 45% to 220 at 20% in 14 months. He was 5’8". Here is what I had him “start” on.

Training; each day do 30 min of cardio at 130 hr. followed by abs (varied daily) followed by
day one: legs (squats-just your bodyweight to start, add dumbells, then the bar, but must be able to go ass/heels to ground before adding weight-5 sets up to 20 reps, do leg curls, leg ext. and calf-five sets of 15-20 reps each.
day two; cardio, abs, shoulders (shoulder press, rear delt, laterals-5 sets of 10-15).
day three; one hour of cardio at 110 hr.
day four; cardio, abs, back (pullups-use a bench or adjust the smith machine so you can stand up hold onto bar, cross legs, lower…work up to doing 15 negatives-five sets. when you are able, do full pullups. now do seated rows, straight bar curls and hyperextensions-five sets of 10-15.
day five; cardio, abs, incline db, flat flyes, skull crushers, reverse curls-five sets of 10-15.
day six; cardio 1 hour at 110 hr.
day seven; off.

Do this for three weeks. For the fourth week do one hour of cardio only. day 1-110hr, day 2-130 hr, day 3-110 hr, day 4-130, day5-110, day 6-130, day 7 off.

Repeat program but do only 4 sets of each.
cardio program.
Repeat program but do only 3 sets of each.
cardio program

Assess where you stand. Buy Ian King “Get buffed” book.

breakfast-1 1/2 cups real oatmeal (not instant) and an MRP mixed in water.
snack-apple and an orange
lunch-can of tuna or a skinless chicken breast, salad-nf dressing, one 7 or 12 grain slice of bread (no butter)
snack-apple and an orange
dinner-1/4-1/2 lb of sirloin, 7% hamburger meat or chicken breast. Salad-nf dressing. one medium tomato. one pink grapefruit (pink, so you don’t need to add sugar).

drink 10-20 oz of water between meals even though you are not thirsty (you will soon be)

always have an MRP after your workout (you can mix in juice in this one)-this meal is not reflected in above-so make adjustments as time of day you finish your workout-it should equal 6 meals on workout days and five on non-workout days.

I am assuming that you have been working out. If it has been a while, start with only 3 sets and do reverse

Oh, almost forgot. If you are inclined to take supplements. I recommend the following: Start with one MD6 in morning. Then progress to 1-am, 1-noon…2-am, 1-noon…
2-am, 2-noon…2-am, 2-noon, 1-late afternoon…
2-am, 2-noon, 2-late afternoon. You only add one more after you can handle previous dosage. Take weekends off of MD6.
After you finish the 12 week program take at least two weeks off of MD6.

Add 15 capsules daily of Twin Lab (dale alexander) fish oil capsules. You can take them 5,5,5 or any combo you like. Just don’t take them with your after workout shake. Charles Polquin taught me this trick. He got an athlete to lose 4% bodyfat in 28 days just by adding the capsules. Don’t miss days…stay consistant on supps.

question: How does one get to 30% bodyfat being an ectomorph?