Healthcare on my mind

How valuable is a healthy person to the “healthcare” bwahahahaha system in the U.S.?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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What’s better bbq sauce? A vinegar based one or a tomato based one? I suppose we could throw in mustard based and mayo based but I’ve never had those. I prefer a vinegar based one but for some reason it’s hard to find up here.

Im gonna lump mayo based into the vinegar family of sauces.

This is actually a very difficult and complicated question though.

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Obviously I have thoughts.

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@zecarlo - since you’re the resident Italian, if I eat pasta and antipasto do the calories cancel out?

:thinking: No?

Enrico Fermi was working on this problem but he couldn’t solve the cannoli matrix.

I know in the south and parts of the midwest it is a serious question. It’s like Chicago pizza vs NYC pizza.

Oh, I know.

Thats the brilliance of Heinz. His ketchup is what ever they say it is, where ever its being used.

I like using molasses every now and then for a distinct flavor and texture. I used to make these “bat wings” with molasses, red pepper flakes, a little lemon juice & zest, and some garlic. Oh man, thats good stuff!

I tried balsamic instead of lemon juice, but it just wasn’t right.

These are less sweet and better at cutting through rich meats

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As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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I’ve never been to NYC but I went to the #1 pizza place in Chicago last year and it sucked.

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Whittle it a little it’ll fit.

Of course the answer is about $0 and since we have a grotesque for-profit “healthcare” system they have no financial incentive to make it so people don’t need them any longer. The garbage that people put up with in this country just shows how successful the propaganda system is here.

You like pickles don’t you?


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Wickles pickles

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New Haven.

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Is this the place with the clam pizza?

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