Health and working out

Hey Guys,
I have been doing coach kings 12 week program with great results. I rarely get sick and I can’t remember the last time I did get sick. But anyway recently I got the frekin’ flu and ended up getting pneumonia. I have not been able to work out. It’s been two weeks now since I did anything. I feel a bit weak. I am also asthmatic and I think by next week I should be back to normal. All through this I never quit eating good although it was hard since I lost my appetite etc., major problem was I couldn’t work out I was totally sick. I tried once and nearly passed out. Now my question is I got sick when I was just about to start coach King’s third week for upper body and the 4th week for lower body (I am doing both programs working out 4 times/week. I am doing the Super Strength and limping series), should I just start where I left or should I go easy for another week and then get serious again? I actually did not lose any weight but feel a bit weak. Thanks a lot for all your help.