head blows

Hi everyone,
I was just watching some boxing and was wondering what it is that causes a person to be knocked unconsious.
I was once told that it is the movement of the head and not the actual force of the hit that is important.
ie. A lighter hit to the head that causes the head to violently jolt is more likely to knock someone out than a much harder blow that does not violently jerk the head.
Any truth to this?
If not what is it?

I think the whipping motion helps because the sudden snap of the head interupts the blood flow to the brain from the carotid artery. If you hit the right place and get some nerves that may be a part of it too.

yea it has to do w/ the thrashing of the brain w/in your skull which would be much worse in the case of the violent jolt.

there are a lot of factors…one of them is how many previous serious brain injuries that person has had, another can be self protection - if you get lots of consussions your brain learns to shut dwon before ‘critical’ to protect itself. the violent jerk is also a factor since a concussion is just a brain ‘bruise’

Inside the skull, the brain rests on several bones, one of them being the occipital bone. When you move your head at normal speed the brain moves with it. However, if a strike to your chin causes your head to snap violently to one side the brain doesn’t have enough time to move with it at the same rate of speed. So what happens is that the head jerks to one side very fast while the brain stays still (for a second). This causes the brain to slam up against the inside of the skull which causes a concussion (unconsciousness). However, any hard blow to any area of the head (especially if a blunt instrument is employed) can cause a concussion, contusion, cerebral hemorrage, coma, and death. If you “knock someone out” and want to check on his condition lift up his eyelids, if he is “knocked out” his eyes will be rolled back. Check is pulse, and if it’s regular and steady than you only caused a concussion and he’ll be all right when he wakes up. But if he’s in worse condition than that, start looking for a good lawyer or head to a country that doesn’t extradite. Because even if it was self-defense, we live in a feminist society - and self-defense is an alien concept to the archetypal female mind. Hence, the college girls of BOTH SEXES would throw you into prison forever. However, if you are the aggressor don’t worry. Just tell the college girls of both sexes that you had a bad childhood, and they’ll all get the sniffles and probably won’t even give you probation.

you can have a concussion and not be knocked unconsious, usually the it has to be quite severe to knock you out. (except the ‘repeat’ thing)

First off, remember your soft jelly like brain is “floating” inside your skull surrounded by fluid…When you get hit by a punch in the head, that punch (usually from the front or side) sends the brain in the OPPOSITE direction, causing shock or damage to that particular area. Boxers, therefore, have been shown to receive the majority of their brain shock or damage in the BACK of the brain!

A good punch to the synapse nerve located inside the chin area will knock someone cold more than anything. On a more technical note, beating the shit out of someone with a piece of heavy mining equipment would do the deed quite successfully.

Throwing the gloves aside, there is a great hit that will end any fight. When you go for the killer blow, line your knuckles up with the area just in front of the ear. Take your knuckles right now and tap around that area and you will find it. It is very sensitive. If hit some one in that area you will end the fight. If you hit them hard enough, you might could knock them out permantly, so use discression…