HCG legal status

Can anyone tell me what the “legal” status of
HCG is? Is it a contolled substance, or is it
just prescription? Sourcing other stuff is
pretty straight forward, but HCG is proving to
be a little more difficult… tips?

HCG is not a controlled substance, just a regular prescription drug.

Bill is correct that HCG is not a C-III goodie
(like most steroids are) BUT neither is
clenbuterol. However, HCG and clen have
something in common;

They are both on the FDA “watched” list as
stuff you can’t bring into the states.

At the Federal level, possession is only
a “misdemeanor” but remember that some
states like Texas and New York have rather
Draconian laws so check locally (check
scheduling the state level) to make sure
possession is not a state felony.


Thanks for the info guys.