Has Anyone Here Tried BPC 157 or TB500?

Either… anyone who tries it… I’m contemplating trying one of these peptides (if I save up I can get it on script, legitimately)… thus the decision won’t be so reckless… because I can justify it with a prescription lol (it’s still taking relatively unresearched, designer drugs though)

Also… regarding the anavar… I find a good way to remember things is to set an alarm on my phone for any given time… when that alarm goes off o remember “I’m supposed to do X” and I associate that alarm that goes off at any given time with completing a task

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I made a post about my experience with it. I ran it for 4 weeks and had good results!

I’ll chime in. I used it last year to heal some elbow tendinitis. Used it for 10 days at 250mcg 2x/day subQ. Really sped up the healing process, felt MUCH better by day 3. It really is amazing stuff.


Aside from what I made my post about (it helping with shoulder and my high hamstring tendinitis), I have since noticed one other potential effect.

I have had a TFCC tear in my wrist for almost 7 years. It never healed, but sometimes felt fine and other times felt like I was being stabbed in my wrist when supinated. I’d have the pain for a few weeks up to a few months, then it would disappear, and return months and months later. Never seeming to reappear due to aggravating it, just random. I was explained to that it was due to sometimes the way in which the tear “sits” and irritates or rubs. I’m no specialist so I have no idea whether or not to believe this.

What I do know… ever since running BPC for 4 weeks, I have not had that pain, not one time. It could be a total coincidence, if could pop up tomorrow… until 1-2 years go by without it, I won’t credit the BPC. However, I’m at always optimistic.

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Think it would help with a bicep tendon rupture / tear ?

Yes if it’s not a complete tear that requires surgery.

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Right a note on your hand. I do that for work and important things to remember

I’ll know tomorrow. Been a week since it happened. No pain. No bruising. Full flexion. Full ROM. Grip is still strong. Just a gap of an inch or so. Opinion ?