Half Life

Hey Guys,

I’ve now been off a ten week cycle of Deca/Equi/Winny. (Deca at 300mg per week, Equi at 200mg per week, Winny at 25mg every other day.)

I’ve now been off everything for 8 weeks and have seen no fall off in strength or size. In fact on some lifts that I do regularly I’m still seeing modest gains.

I’m wondering if the roids are still active in my system or if I’m managing to hold my own at this point. Eight weeks after a cycle seems like a long time to still have the juice active.

Curious to hear your thoughts.

Well deca and EQ are notorious for staying in your system at trace amounts for up to 6 months after disontinuing, but I seriously doubt that it would be enough to make a noticeable difference in workouts.


you would still test positive, but they is probably not anywhere near enough hormone to cause you to be juiced still. kept your gains, then must have done something right.

If you do get any fall off, it should occur very soon