Hack Squat Problems

Hey T-Folk. I tried hacksquats for the first time yesterday (I’m talking the olympic bar variety), and found that going up was fine, but when I come down I round my lower back quite significantly, mainly at the top part of the movement to get the bar past my butt. It seems to be a natural reflex and is very hard to counter. I guess it’s just a matter of practice as with any lift. Just wondering if any of you guys out there have the same problem or any pointers??? Cheers.

Pull your shoulder blades together and aim your eyes slightly toward the ceiling. See if that helps.

Use a weight that lets you keep your back arched/straight. Usually when someone’s back rounds when doing deadlifts, the weigh is too heavy, maybe that’s the problem if you’re doing the coach davies-style of hack squats. If you’re doing sets of lots of reps your form might get messed up as you fatigue.

Pinch the rear delts and go at a lower intensity (lower % of max effort) and have patience to be comfortable with the lift. Do you also do any other posterior chain work? In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the tips folks! I’ll try all those. Coach D - I’ve become a fanatic for deadlifts (straight and bent knee)of various types , goodmornings, and I’ll soon start ham pull-throughs. My Power-Clean form leaves a bit to be desired, but I’ve got T-Mag and some power-lifting friends (also T-Mag readers) who’re helping me out there. Going to start doing snatches soon too… the exercise variety… well, hang on, both… hang on… ah whatever… [grin] Cheers. Oh, from what I can tell, my ‘lower’ back rounds to allow the bar a straighter path down without scraping over my butt. I tried making my hands much closer together but that doesn’t quite fix the problem entirely. I’ll try the suggestions from you all in the next week.