A friend of mine is seriuosly depressed after a juice cycle. He even got Bitch tits. Does annything help to get rid of the lumps of flesh in his chest (without surgery!)?

Tell your friend to take Nolvadex RIGHT NOW !!! ASAP. And next time he should use an anti-estrogen like Clomid.

Thanks, but at what dosage?
He did finish his cycle 2 months ago!

I’m no expert when it comes to Nolvadex, but I have read of guys getting treatment with it and it removed their gyno even though they had it for a few months. Apparently the more fibrous it gets, the less nolvadex can remove it. I’ll see what I can find, but I know there are experts here that can answer this better than I can.

clomid and nalvadex are two different things…clomid is mainly used to kick in your natural testosterone level at the end of a cycle…a stronger anti-estrogen i think is amiradex or something like that…maybe someone can follow up on what i a have said and fill you in a little better

My understanding is Arimidex to prevent, Nolvadex once you’re past the prevention point (i.e. where your friend is). Try a lot of Nolvadex. I’ve heard of 3 tabs on day one and then a tab every day. However, if it were me, and I’m glad it isn’t, I’d go higher–like maybe 40mg/day.