Gyms in nyc

i’m presently a member of a very pleasant yuppie gym. i belong because it’s in my building…and if i just played squash and did a lot of cardio and “toning” it would be great. but i’m a BBer and i need 1. more appropriate equipment and 2. to be around other BBers. suggestions?

Up on east 90th or 91st is a hardcore iron gym, as there is also one on 17th and 3rd (24 hours at that). Names, slip my mind since I moved out of NYC 2 years back. Just open the yellow pages.

The one uptown is called Pumping Iron, and it’s on 91st between York and 1st. I’m not familiar with the one on 17th and 3rd. Believe it or not, it’s pretty hard to find a good, hardcore gym in NYC.