guggul vs. forskolin

I have used Forskolin standardized for 25 mg of
forskolin. It didn’t seem to help with shredding up. I noticed nothing from it. I was wondering if guggul is a more effective thyroid stimulator than forskolin. Don’t want to waste my money. Anyone have success with it?
Also, please no one tell me to use a fat burner with ephedrine in it. I have high blood pressure.

I didn’t notice any fat loss with Syntrax’s Guggulbolic but my skin did get very clear. T-2 Pro which I am using now is helping more than Guggulbolic with fat loss.

Does anyone one think that guggul would up the thyroid hormones enough to significantly effect blood pressure? I am 22 years old, 5’8" 194 pounds with 10 years of weight training experience. I am in good shape (would like to drop about 5 pounds of fat), but would like to do it without raising my blood pressure. By the way, it is hereditary, since I do not smoke, eat well, and am not overweight.