Guest Atomic Dog

Uh, Chris, good Guest Dog column this week, but I could have done without the image of you boinking your pregnant wife… :slight_smile:

So you don’t want to see the videos? Party pooper.

Aw Chris, you started that damn biological clock ticking, and my t-man is in in Japan til November!!! Great guest dog - damn good advice for daddies, I’ll make sure he reads it.

Shoot rach, there are plenty of guys here that can give you babies. I am sure the vast majority would be more than happy to help you get pregnant.

How timely of an article - my wife and I just had our first baby last Friday (March 9). Luke Thomas Slaymaker - 8 pounds 6 ounces! After he weans off of formula I think we will switch him right onto Grow! Ha Ha! My friends at work already bought him his first (inflatable) weight set. Look out world her comes a new T-man! I will have to see if I can alter one of my testosterone shirts for him to wear!

Congratulations, Matt! It’s tough, but pretty cool at the same time, especially after the first year when they get old enough to do tricks.

People talk about “roid rage”, just wait until someone bumps into your kid and knocks him down. Daddy Rage is much worse. It’s like instant kill mode. Instincts rule.

My girl has some one pound weights and just moved up to three pounders. She does a pretty decent overhead press, more like a push press. She’s been sipping on my Grow! shakes for a year now, prefers vanilla with strawberries blended up in it.

Have fun, Matt, and remember, this is the good stuff. We need to live it up now before they become teenagers!

its great how the article applied exactly to what’s happenening with me right now. I’ve been married for 2 months now and my wife’s 7 months pregnant. Already my training has suffered huge. I’m only 19 so I’m still going to school full-time and working full-time. I’ve lost about 5 lbs. and put on probably 1-2% bodyfat since I’ve been married. I’m seriously getting frustrated and I need to get my workouts back in gear. This article will help in two months and years to come when my T will be plummeting. Thanks Chris, and thanks again for the Biotest shirt. Matt, I’m going to shrink a T-rone shirt for my kid even if it is a girl. I can’t wait!

What image of him boinking his wife? My browser loaded up a picture of this guy kissing a kid.

aw dude!!! gosh, thanks!! I guess I might need some practice before November…so much assistance, so little time :slight_smile: PS: do you mean ‘here’ as in USA? Cos I’m a long long way from there! Sorta closer to Mir, right now.

The image was in my head, Rafael, and it got there from reading the article. You know, the part where Chris writes about boinking his pregnant wife?

Mental image, Rafael. Chris has scarred us all for now since all we’ve ever seen is his mug on this site. Maybe if we knew what his wife looked like, we’d begin the healing process.

ok t-men, we’re always putting our numbers up on this board, let’s put some of our kids numbers up.

my son quincy, now 5 1/2, weighed in at 11lbs.1 1/2oz. 22 inches long.

my daughter jaden, now 4, weighed in at 9 lbs. 7 1/2 oz. and 18 inches.

and their mother gave birth to both naturally.
i have alot of respect for that women.

Thumbs up. Kudos Chris.

I thought the article was great. My two daughters (two and three yrs old)already love protein powder mixed in whole milk and love to “flex their biceps”. When they run around the house they say they are “exercising”. My girls won’t be joining the fat kid populace. But - I will have to buy a shotgun the keep the guys away when my t-girls get a litle older. Here here to all the t-parents. Heaven knows it’s hard to train heavy and be a parent at the same time.

Chris, it was a good article. Any loser could spend his life as a perpetual juvenile chasing around women, and/or impregnating them and then disappearing. But as you said, it takes a T-man to stick around and take care of your family. It’s important for kids to have a Dad. The fact that many kids these days don’t have a Dad explains a lot of the problems in our society today. It also explains why our society is becoming more and more disgustingly feminized and undisciplined. Being a Dad may be the single most important thing you ever do in your life. Stick with it. Cute kid by the way.