When in a training year is it best to use Growth surge? After a long lay-off (a few months) or during a plateau? What about training age?

Well, it can be used just about any time. For example, if you’ve had a long layoff then the first two weeks of the Growth Surge will get you back into the swing of things. If you’ve hit a plateau, them Stage I may fix any overtraining and diet issues (which could be causing the stall-out) and then you can blast into Stage II.

As for training age, again it can be helpful for everyone. For a beginner it allows them to follow a well laid out plan that will likely have them doing stuff in the gym and in the kitchen they’ve never done before. This could help the beginner make very rapid progress. For the experienced guy, it may be something that’s new and novel enough to elicit new growth.

Also, just an observation, I know quite a few people of advanced training age that still don’t eat right or train correctly. So training age alone doesn’t make that big of a difference. A person can have 15 years of experience and still be screwing up the basic stuff.