Growth Surge Project Phase I

I’ve decided to give the Growth Surge Project a try. Stats are as follows: 5’4", 145lbs, 12.5% bodyfat. I started with the first workout last night, and even though the volume was much lower than I’m used to, I actually had a good workout and feel sore and still pumped up today! I’m following the diet recommendations and supplement protocol, but there are a few things I’m not doing according to the program (creatine and flax). So I’ll see how my gains go without those two supplements. Also, for Phase II, I’ll be doing the once-a-day training since it’s impossible for me to fit in two workouts. And I will be using MAG-10 with Phase II. Anyone else who has just started the Growth Surge Project, feel free to post your comments and experiences here.

I’m through the first week of the growth surge. Doing cardio for me is the hardest part (I have never really done it in the past).
I’m 170 5’9 now. I’m using flax, salmon oil, but no creatine since I have a hard time digesting it. May get some Ribose from an online company as some still have it in stock for the next phase, to stack with Mag-10.
Going to try in fit in two workouts a day if possible - it’s only for 2 weeks!!! Hard when you work full time.

Don’t sweat the creatine, but why no flax?

No flax just because I don’t have any and am not sure where to get it around here. Are the fish oil caps not enough? Or is the flax necessary?

Do they have Whole Foods where you live? They sell a number of brands.

I just started as well. I’ll update as the project continues.

Nate- This is the cheapest flaxseed oil I’ve found so far. You can get 24 fluid oz. for $15.96 with free shipping.

They’ll have it to you in under a week. I would definitely recommend including it.

Thanks Eric! Sounds like a good deal!

Nate Dogg…do you have a Vitamin Shoppe or any health food stores near you? They should have Flax seed oil. Fresh Fields, Trader Joes, ect all have it.

What kind of fish oil caps do you all use?


No sweat. And remember that it’s supposed to taste like ass (that means that it’s working). Your best bet is to mix it with something (I use Tabasco sauce). Good luck. Keep us posted on the results, and I’ll be doing the same. I’m going to go for the double sessions on my X-mas break from college.

I’m in and am on day two of the growth surge stage. I did the double workout yesterday and really didn’t have a problem. This morning I did the 9 sets of hip dom exercises (I have a home gym so I replaced leg curls with GHR’s). Eating in stage II is a bitch! I’m following the suppliment recommendations but am using Androsol (first time). So far, so good.

Nate–try Chamberlin’s Natural Foods. I know they’re in Gainesville. The flax oil must remain cold. The sell them in refrigerators. They also have Udo’s oil too. All kinds.