Growth Factor Back Workout

Is there a link to videos on how to perform these exercises? I have been looking all over but cannot seem to find them, have they been removed?


Sadly the new format has removed the old embedded youtube videos. I can’t find them anywhere either, but they were right at the beginning. CT any chance we can get those added back into this?


I’m going to revive this conversation - i apologize.

Are there any adaptations for these complexes that can be completed in a garage gym consisting primarily of a squat rack/barbell, adjustable bench, dip station? I do have a spud-inc high pulley system hanging from the pull-up bar on my rack so that adds some pull down options, but in the interest of keeping the question applicable to more readers are there any options for those with just a pullup bar, barbell and dumbells?

Does anyone have a link to these videos?

any exercise can work. the idea is just to keep the target muscle working for 50-70 seonds. its mentally easier to do 3 ex for 20 sec rather than 1 for 60sec. mechanical drop sets work well eg. pull up>rack chin up>inverted row

They are in CT’s personal youtube channel, look for vids submitted around the start of this thread, they are “buried” under dozens of videos so you have to go back a ways.

Hey Christian, I simply wanted to enquire as to any specifications in terms of rep ranges used here. As the back is complex and made up of so many muscles I wondered how the reps differ from say the gf chest or shoulder program?

Thanks again for your time

You are asking about something I wrote 4-5 years ago, and that wasn’t even an article. I dont remember the specifics at all. Sorry.

Just last week I wrote 40 programs. There is no way to remember all of them by heart, much less something I wrote 4 years ago.

Thank you CT for this:

But, where do I put the new GF shoulder update in this routine? And should I need to do the all the supersets in the updated version of GF?

I’m not gonna revisit something I wrote 2 years ago. I don’t remember the context. I also recently wrote in a related post that GF training is NOT something I recommend anymore, or rarely and for a short period of time

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Thank you for the reply, Understood the point.