DAMN! I can’t believe it! I’ve been making protein shakes with various protein powders for over a year since getting back into strength training. I remember the old Hoffman protein powders in the early 80’s and how nasty those things were (gag). Most of the stuff you buy nowadays you can at least chug down without gagging. Some even taste pretty good, where you’re not afraid to breathe through your nose after drinking them (grin). I recently decided to splurge and shell out a little extra for my first box of GROW! Of course, I have read so many positive things here in T-mag and on the forum about it. I bought the vanilla flavor. The very first thing I noticed was the smell when I tore open the package. It reminded me of ice cream. It really gets thick in water, even 20 oz. I have never seen a powdered product turn into such a good-tasting shake in all my life!
You know, we all are hammered by marketing slogans and hype, so we, as consumers, are predisposed to being skeptical. And we also want value for our money, and a low price. Well, I like to give credit where it’s due, so “Sa-lute” to the GROW! formulation team. This product really tastes good, and lives up to every positive word of description. I may not afford to buy it for every single protein shake, but it will be a regular part of my diet. Way to go, Biotest, for a truly outstanding product! My hat is off to you. - Nylo