Greatly overtraining GUNS

I’m doing the King program great guns, but unlike most people, i can’t tell if I’m overtraining. Anyway, to make sure one recovers from the program IF it were overtraining, how long would one rest from doing arms? 1 week? 5 days? This is just to make sure further gains after one has finished the program aren’t compromised by muscles being overtrained so they don’t want to grow on the next program.

I really would like your opinions

One of the easiest ways to tell if your overtraining is a loss of strength. But there are other ways also; tired all the time, getting sick, muscle loss,etc.You must keep accurate records if you truly want an outstanding bod!! At the end of Ian’s program take a week off! Just do it -you’ll be amazed. But do keep active even if you go to the gym get a couple of EASY sets in(10 reps) and keep in mind your not training your just recovering! If you are overtrained NOW, do the same thing but really concentrate on nutrition,vitamins,minerals,etc. Your diet IS a big factor also. Hope this helps!

I keep logs of my workout weights when I train on Ian’s programs. If all my workouts I gain in reps or poundage on the lifts, then I know i’m not overtraining. If you feel you might be overtraining, then back off on your intensity during the workouts. It’s better to undertrain a little than to overtrain and have all you workouts start to go downhill. Another thing I check for myself is to make sure I have motivation for the workout. If I can’t get into the routine by the 1st 15 minutes of the workout, I walk away and take the time off till another day.