Great Canadians

I know this is completly off topic for this forum but i have to do a speech on a great canadaian who has contributed to society somehow. Any ideas?

Shania Twain is hot, eh?

bob and doug mckenzie without a doubt.

Why not the ol’ canucklehead himself, Chuck Poliquin. All kinds of info on him here at T-mag plus at his site.Research made easy. As for contributions to society, just ask any serious weightlifter or NHL fan/player if he’s done anything for them or their sport. After all, he used to be a regular conrtibutor to T-Mag, and you know these guys only settle for the best!!! Hope this helped…if not, you still have the Shania T. option, can’t go wrong w/ a hottie like that!

Banting and Best did some good shit with Diabeties. Wayne Gretzky kicked some ass.

I think we all know that the greatest Canadian of all time is none other than the master blaster himself, Joe Weider the trainer of champions. If it wasn’t for him we would not have crappy muscle mags and mega mass 50000.

How about William Shatner a.k.a. The AntiChrist

Take your pick of good Canadians from the ice rink. Wayne Gretzky is probably most notable, but Adam Graves of the New York Rangers also comes to mind. Roger Neilson, now an assistant coach with the Ottawa Senators has coached numerous NHL teams and fought off bone cancer to boot. He has also brought hockey to places such as Israel.In terms of the fitness industry how about Mauro D. Pasquoli. Actors with good backgrounds include Michael J. Fox and Alan Thick, not to forget funny man Jim Carey who came all the way from living in a van to being a multi millionaire.

You can’t do a speech about Canada without mentioning the Kids in the Hall. Lorne Michaels, the executive producer of Saturday Night Live is from Canada. So is Dan Akyroyd, and the late Phil Hartman. Although I would stick with the Shania idea because she is HOT!

Jesus was Canadian, wasn’t He?

hey u cant forget tom green, look how many good things he’s done for society. the best part about him is that he has one ball and still screws drew berrymore. i think he’s the true tman. lol.

Seriously this time, the hands down greatest Canadian is Trudeau. If there is one man who has shaped Canada in recent times, surely it is Pierre.

Terry Fox wins this one hands down. The guy ran across Canada, sacrificed his life for his dream of ending cancer and awoke a sleeping nation giving it its first true hero. 'nuff said!

Well, nothing else he has done would
qualify as great, and his toupee certainly
doesn’t qualify as great, but we wouldn’t have
Captain Kirk if it weren’t for Bill Shatner,
a Canadian.

(Kirk however is NOT a Canadian, but was born
in Iowa. Important point.)

And by the way, Kirk would kick Picard’s ass.

Mario Lemiux, kicked ass on the ice, beat Hogdekin’s disease, kicked more ass on the ice, retired from hockey, saved the Peguins from bankruptcy, now out of retirement and is back to kicking ass on the ice.

What about Pamela Anderson?

Hey, what about Terrance and Phillip from South Park? Anyone see the movie? They had the #1 Hit “Shut your fucking face uncle fucker!”

celine dion. she proved that even if your born with the head of a bovine you can still become rich and famous.

Goddamnit, Brooklyn Mike! I was going to post that! Oh well, I guess great minds think alike. The same goes for degenerate minds.