Gramabol Cycle

I wanted to thank both Bodz and John U for their responses to my questions about the Gramabol cycle. THANX GUYS!! I did have a few more questions though. Bodz–I wanted to know which testosterone you would use for this cycle? Also, John U–What shorter acting testosterones were you talking about and how much should I take daily or weekly of this testosterone in the cycle? Also, John U–you gave me another cycle that you are planning on doing for the summer. I was wondering when you were taking the stanazolol (every other day or what?). I didn’t quite understand. THANX again guys. I know my first cycle is the most important and you guys have been a big help in planning my first cycle.

I will be using 150mg of Testosterone phenylpropionate per day. I would prefer propionate but couldn’t get it. The stanazolol will be taken 50mg orally per day.

Personally, I like Sustenon. But, cyp or enanthate would be fine too.