GPP (General Physical Preparation)

What exactly is GPP (general physical preparation)? I have read that this is an effective form of training for athletes, but I have never heard of it before, other than on this website. An article by Coach Davies mentions it, but it doesn’t really go into a lot of detail. From what I gather, GPP is a type of interval training using plyometric movements to build explosive strength and cardiovascular fitness in training. It is also used as a type of dynamic warm-up before a competition event to prepare the athlete for the task at hand. Am I correct, or is there more to GPP than I thought?

Dave Tate has an article on GPP at T-mag. Just do a search over there.

a key component to your training as it should be designed to enhance motor skills, increase work capacity, provide active rest and enhance recovery from strenuous work. I hope that assists. In faith, Coach Davies

Last week I was carrying 2 soccer goal component bags on my shoulders for my kid’s club soccer match. It involved maybe 60-70 pounds for each bag and climbing a 75 yd. hill to the field. So I thought, heck, I lift weights and though I’m an older guy (amost 50-aarrgghhh!), I’ll easily do this. Well, the first few yards were fine but when I got to the top carrying that 130 lbs., I said, much like Patton said to Rommel, “Davies, you MAGNIFICENT bastard”.
Even though I have upgraded my lifting at the gym to multi-joint movements, I had the light go on last week. I imagine that, after GPP or weighted GPP, that an athlete would just 'frickin fly during his/her event.
Big Red

yes but Rommel replied “the best form of welfare for the troops is first class training, for this saves unnecessary casualties” [George Patton, Jr., Calvary Journal, April 1922]- Hope to hear from you sometime soon Big Red. In faith, Coach Davies