Go From Bodybuilder to Athlete

by Christian Thibaudeau

Sports Skills and Aerobic Capacity

Want to switch gears and go from meathead to athlete? Here's what to do.

Is it possible to go from bodybuilder to athlete? Sure. But you’ll need to change your focus inside the gym and practice sport-specific skills outside of it.

The Bullet Points

  • To go from bodybuilder to athlete, you need to acquire the skills specific to the sport and aerobic capacity.
  • Without aerobic capacity, you’ll decrease technical efficiency. Central fatigue will also lead to a decrease ability to perform.
  • Conditioning will be even more important than technical skill because you’ll lose your ability to move properly if you’re fatigued.
  • Practice the skills in a low stress environment. Work on conditioning on the side.
  • Switch a lot of your weight training to focus more on explosiveness and power. Also consider complexes.
  • An example for lower body would be combining a squat, a loaded jump, and then a technical skill. Rest for a couple minutes in between each.
  • For upper body, try an overhead press, a med ball throw, and a soccer ball throw.
  • Take a look at Six Weeks to Superhero to learn more about complexes.

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