GNC Show of Strength in Atlanta

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone was going to be attend the GNC Show of Strength in Atlanta the weekend of the 8th. I am going to try and attend if I can get off work, at least for Saturday and Sunday.
Also, I saw the powerlifting, which is the main reason for me wanting to go, is going to be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If anyone has any info on how the meet is going to be run, times for weight classes, ect, I’d appreciate the info. I looked at the website and it didn’t say, just times of the powerlifting, no specifics. Thanks in advance for any info.

I will be participating in the NASS Strongman Heavyweight Nationals there-and I hope to see some of the powerlifting as well. There are supposedly around 45 amateur strongmen, as well as 20 pro’s with magnus as a ref!

the powerlifting is taking place between 12pmand 5pm each day (or maybe 1-5). The lights and middles are on Fri, Heavy’s on Sat and SHW on Sund. Go to, they have the scheds there. I will be checking it out on Sat. Later…