Glutamine Supplementation

I’ve heard great things about the effects of glutamine, enough to consider taking it as a supplement. But will taking amino acid supplements be beneficial if I’m already consuming about 1.5 grams of protein per pound bodyweight a day? It would seem that getting an extra 10 grams of glutamine a day from supplementation would already be past the point of diminishing returns if my protein intake levels are high, or does the effect of supplementation a timing issue (ex. post-workout, before bedtime, etc.). I would like to get some input on this because glutamine is fairly expensive, at least for a poor college student. Thanks.

Mike, yes glutamine works big time. It gives you a swell just like creatine when taken immediately after a workout. However, as expensive as it is, I would recommend you take Surge since it has everything a growing boy needs. All you gotta do is add creatine if you want to.

Bro i asked this question about Glutamine about 3-4 months ago, all the bro’s (almost all anyway) at T-Mag told me that Glutamine is useless and its simply a waste of money.
I will be getting Riboforce HP in a week or two, why dont you try that?