Giving Blood on Supplements

Ok. I’m trying to plan out a cycle including Androsol, Tribex, and Methoxy7. It’s gonna be in January, starting about the second week. The problem is that there’s a blood drive the end of January. Would any of these supplements have a detrimental effect on the persons receiving my blood? How long should I wait before I give blood?
I’m also going to put out my cycle to get feedback on it in a couple of weeks but wanted to get this info first to try and plan my cycle ‘around’ the blood drive. And no, I don’t want to wait until after the blood drive to start on the supps.

The amount of any supplement actually in
the blood is generally extremely small.
I wouldn’t worry about it.

This is because the blood is only a very
small percentage of bodyweight. Almost all
of what’s absorbed is elsewhere than the blood, and for that matter you donate only a fraction of your blood. So whoever receives your donation is receiving, at best, maybe a 1% dose of whatever you took. Negligible.

Thanks for the info Bill.
Time to get started planning out my cycle.