GI List

Some glycemic index lists are based on white bread and some are based on glucose. If while dieting I want to consume lower glycemic foods under about 70, should I base it off of the glucose or white bread list?

Base it on glucose. Glucose is suppose to have the highest GI value.


If I were you I wouldn’t waste too much ATP worrying about the glycemic index. As repeated several times in the t-mag articles, once one consumes a high-GI food with a protein and/or fat, the glycemic value totally changes…i.e. lowers significantly.

You should base it off glucose, which has a higher GI than bread. White bread consistently gave about a 70 for GI compared to test subjects. Researchers noted this and also noted that subjects hated taking down 50g of glucose but didn’t mind eating 50g of white bread, so they made an inference about comparing other foods to glucose by comparing the unkown food to white bread which gave a known response in subjects. So thats why there is a scale based on white bread, because it tastes better.

As Kai said combination of food will affect gi but if you want to avoid all insulin spikes you still need to eat low gi food. This is the only way to avoid spiking and will really help with glucose levels. In my experience a low gi diet has made me feel the best out of all diets I’ve tried. It’s not the best way to eat for weight gain though…