I don’t drink or smoke pot. Maybe some Red wine once a week. A bodybuilder friend of mine said I should use GHB to party with when I go out. What are the effects is it safe to use a little once aweek? Does it raise estrogen and drop T levels like marijuana?

Your friend gave you some bad advice. GHB can make you feel groggy and disoriented. Some scumbags have used it as a “date rape” drug. If you od on it, you can slip into a coma. It’s definately not a safe alternative to go out and party with. For party purposes, you’d be better off consuming alcohol (t surpressing effects and all).

Show me a study that proves marijuana lowers test or raises estrogen. I can’t find one; all I found are studies that conclude otherwise.

I have to disagree. I haver used ghb alot, as well as the ghb alternatives. If you do get a groggy feeling the next day, it is usually because it was not made correctly/impurities, or because it is your first time using it and these feelings will pass. GHB is proven to cause a release of growth hormone, although the amount released decreases after long term use.
I’ve done a lot of partying with drinking and drugs. Its hard to grow when using or drinking. Its like taking 2 steps up during the week and 1 step back on the weekends. However, some of my best gains were while using ghb, even while partying with other things, without steroids. It seems that ghb is the only drug that you can use to party with that doesn’t hurt your progress, or can even help it. Remember, until banned in 1990 by the fda, it was sold as a supplement.
Be VERY careful with ghb. It can kill you.
No more than 2 caps(grams) to start and then 1 cap at a time after that no sooner than every 45 minutes. Even an experienced user can go into the g-hole. At first you may not feel it, but don’t take more untill its time, it can sneak up on you. Normal dose to pur you under the table for a few hous ranges from 2.5-5 grams. Don’t get caught with it. Try looking into 1,4 butanediol(alternative to ghb,converts in body to ghb). Don’t drink with it(I always did, but very carefully, and I still messed up a few times). Learn as much as you can about it before doing it…by the way, if you don’t drink or do drugs right now, evaluate why you want to do ghb in the first place. Don’t be pressured into doing something you don’t care to do.

I thoroughly enjoy the effects of GHB and had used it a lot in the past, (when it was readily available). I however would not recommend using it while out. The difference between the perfect amount and a very deep sleep is amazingly minimal. If you choose to take it I recommend that you do so in the safety of your own home.

True, the difference between feeling perfect and being gd-out is often .5 caps(grams).
for the other guy…weed has THC. THC has estrogenic properties on its own. And how bout this; when I was 18, I had surgery to remove a lump from under my nipple(the beginnings of gyno). The doctor said is was from smoking weed and I smoked plenty.

Like some of the others said, G can be fun, but be very careful with it. I’ve had more than a few unpleasant nights on it where things didn’t go well for me, (then again, I was also a total tranquilizer-fiend back in those old days…) Learn your dosages well before ever leaving home on the stuff, else you could end up like I used to and pass out everywhere I went. Not fun having bounces tell you it’s time to leave because you can’t keep from falling out of your chair due to taking a gram too many. The time I wound up walking almost a half mile in a blind state, only to come to consciousness lost in an industrial park was a bit frightening as well - who knows what could have happened to me if I’d passed out in the freezing cold that evening? It’s scary stuff when misused, so caution is key. But, as some people claim such low dosages are perfect, EVERYONE is different. I know that it took me at LEAST 4-5g on a totally empty stomach to feel anything, and on nights where I had recently eaten, sometimes 10-12g were in order to get anything at all. Made the stuff myself, so I know it was pure and dosed as it should have been, so it just goes to show tolerance and stomach contents play a key role in it.
Well, experiment if you will, but be forewarned - G can be fun, yet totally a kick in the ass as well. And, besides that, whereas people claim it is non-addicting, I’ve got a few people who would love to tell them otherwise as their lives revolved around taking in an almost hourly dose of G for months on end!


The dose response is very steep.
I personally cannot sleep while on it.
In fact, any dose capable of inducing sleep would
make me nauseous. IMO most people use way too much.
I like to use 1 gram before school stacked with some sort of stimulant-
makes the class time go by much quicker. Good dis-inhibiting effect as well (better discussions and such).
Soon it will be available for prescription .
prepared to be ripped off.

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Amazing such a deadly compound will be introduced on
the pharmaceutical market. :slight_smile:
Right now G is schedule one so be careful.
same as heroin.

If you can't handle the taste put it in sugar free kool aid (sort of jim jones wantabe recipe).

tastes decent actually.


i have to disagree and agree with much thats been said. we discussed this in one of my chem classes in university. the metabolism of ghb is perfect. its untraceable after 4-5 hrs, hence why you wake up usually after that amount of time. its metabolized into carbon dioxide and water in fact…which makes it totally non toxic. you cannot od on it. the problems come about when idiots start mixing it with other things like stimulants or alcohol or ectasy. then your asking for trouble as ghb will elevate the effects of those other drugs. the lethal dose for pure alcohol is 10X the standard dose, same for tylenol. the lethal dose for ghb is 150X the standard dose. this is well established science. also if your going to use it, assuming its clean and pure cause thats another problem entirely, then be responsible and tell who your with your using it (i say just use it for sleep) otherwise youll end up in the hospital. even if you take too much youll simply sleep it off. there was a guy that took what was equivalent to 25gms i believe and he was out cold. he woke up with a headache. the gh effects are probably negated by ghb’s ability to stimulate prolactin release so thats a moot point. there is no other compound known to man that can stimulate our natural sleep cycles like this compound can. all the other compounds knock you out whereas ghb stimulate REM sleep. again its why after 5 hrs of sleep you can get up and start your day. its been heavily researched in the life extension groups and huge successes have been had with those suffering from parkinsons disease. currently they are looking at alzheimers now. ironically, the pharmaceutical companies will be coming out with a prescription only version of ghb for sleep. how lame is that? its legal in europe. and here the fda wants to classify it as no known medical uses when in the research there are 15. i could go on and on. luckily we had an awesome prof in upper year chem.

T1000, GHB once a week should be fine. About three years ago I decided to find an alcohol alternative so I could go out and have some fun without hurting my bodyduilding progress. Today, I go through periods of being f’ed up 24/7! In fact, I’ve got a little buzz right now! The main thing to keep in mind about G is what’s going on in your mind. It’s a nice little buzz for a little while with few sidee effects and much less negative stigmatism then other drugs.
As far as going out of your home with a G buzz, great idea! I’m able to stay awake much better when I’m out and movin’ around thenwhen I’m at home sitting on my ass. Knowing your dose is a really good idea as I’ve messed up before when dose/other variables were different.
G isn’t the devil many make it out to be. Anyone who disagrees with me is entitled to their opinion but is wrong!

Chris- you must read the same literature as me. Everything you said sounds totally correct to me. I think it should be required for every citizen to be educated on the effects of ghb before formulating their opinions based only on the media. And how bout that prescription ghb. When I read about that I got so pissed off. Just like government to side with the big money and only allow g with a prescription, Exeryone should have access to it. Man, I’m so pissed I think I am going to have to go destroy something or somebody. FUCK THE CROOKED-ASS GOVERNMENT.