Getting hard

Most people here seem fairly experienced with the full gamet of bodybuilding supplements. My question is this–I have been training for several years, have good mass and proportion, eat really well, but I seem unable to acquire a really hard look, i.e., in the gym I look really hard and defined, but as soon as I leave, I lose my pump and return to normal softness.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

Never leave the gym.

Doesn’t powertraining help provide a more dense/hard look? The occaisional heavy weight, low rep workout?

Try the ‘T-Dog Diet’ with GVT 2000 training and take 2-6 MD6 caps a day along with 3-6 caps of T2 or T2-Pro. That should help a bit, good luck, outlaw.

In a word, Diet. I know it sucks, but if you want to get ripped that is the secret. drop 200 cal below your maintanence level. get you bodyfat tested once a month, and continue to drop 100-200 cal if you have not lost fat. don’t drop too much too fast or you will loose muscle. also don’t lift light. you need to continue to lift heavy to keep your muscle. keep your protein high 30-50% of calories. do cardio 1-3 times per week. md6 is a good fat buri=ner, but the other things i said are more important. good luck. Oh, and you might want to wait untill after the holidays.

Maybe it’s just a matter of taking your bodyfat down a notch or two.

Lose fat. Sounds like a diet issue. If not, then you can’t expect to stay pumped all day. It just doesn’t work that way.

Bodyfat is one issue, but I’ve also noticed that the “hard/dense” look also comes after many years of training. I think your muscles mature over time and will have a more hard look. Also, like others have said, low-rep, heavy weight training will help your muscles stay harder and more dense because you don’t actually cause a sacroplasmic increase in muscle size. Tension is the key! Diet is also the key!